Kevin Alban OCarm

Kevin Alban OCarm  Academic Education:
  • PhD in Church History (London)
  • MTh in Systematic Theology (London)
  • MA in History (Oxon)
  • Lecturer in Mariology at Heythrop College, University of London, 2006 – present.
  • Lecturer in Mariology, Ecclesiology and Church History, Pontifical Beda College, Rome, 2004 – 2015.
  • Visiting Professor at St Mary’s University, Twickenham.
  • Visiting Lecturer in Church History at Blackfriars, Oxford
  Recent Publications.
  • “The Ignea Sagitta and the Second Council of Lyons” in The Carmelite Rule 1207-2007, ed. P. McMahon, Rome: Edizioni Carmelitane, 2008.
  • “Thomas Netter on Contemplation in the Doctrinale” in Memoriam fecit mirabilia Dei: Scritti in onore di Emanuele Boaga O. Carm, ed. G. Grosso and W. Santin, Rome: Edizioni Carmelitane, 2009.
  • “The Treatment of Mary in the Doctrinale of Thomas Nette ras a Resource for Contemporary Theology” in Thomas Netter of Walden: Carmelite, Diplomate and Theologian (c. 1372-1430), in Carmel in Britain. Studies on the Early History of the Carmelite Order, volume 4, ed. J. Bergström-Allen & R. Copsey. Faversham: St Albert’s Press, 2009.
  • The Teaching and Impact of the Doctrinale of Thomas Netter of Walden. Turnhout: Brepols, 2010.
  CIBI Modules:
  • MTh02: Carmelite Historiography.

Johan Bergstrom-Allen TOC

Johan Bergstrom-Allen TOC Academic Education:
  • 1997 – 2000   B.A. (Hons)  English & Related Literature, University of York.
  • 2000 – 2002   M.Phil. English Studies 1100-1500, University of Oxford
  • 2004 –  Ph.D.  English Literature, Université de Lausanne. (research ongoing part-time)
  Recent Publications:
  • Johan Bergström-Allen, (ed.), Climbing the Mountain: An Introduction to Carmelite Spirituality  (Faversham: Saint Albert’s Press & Rome: Edizioni Carmelitane, 2010).
  • Johan Bergström-Allen and Richard Copsey, (eds.), Thomas Netter of Walden: Carmelite, Diplomat and Theologian (c.1372-1430), Carmel in Britain 4  (Faversham: Saint Albert’s Press & Rome: Edizioni Carmelitane, 2009).
  CIBI Modules:
  • H09: The History of Carmelite Devotions.
  • DC18: John of St Samson.
  • DC32: The Third / Secular Orders from 1900 (with Monica O’Neill OCDS and Heather Ward OCDS).

PJ Breen OCarm

PJ Breen OCarm Academic Education:
  • Bachelor of Arts, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth (1990);
  • Higher Diploma in Education, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth (1992);
  • Bachelor of Divinity, The Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Dublin, 1999.
  • Master of Divinity, The Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Dublin, 2000.
  Recent Publications:
  • Reflections on the Readings for Every Day of the Church’s Year. Dublin: Columba Press, 2011.
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC22: The OCarm Charism from 1950.

Sanny Bruijns

Sanny Bruijns  Academic Education:
  • 2008 Post academic course Spiritual Direction Titus Brandsma Institute, Nijmegen
  • 1985 M.A. Spirituality Catholic University of Nijmegen, Netherlands
  Recent Publications:
  • Weg van Maria, KBS/VBS 2002
  • A Journey with Mary, How God Touches our Lives, Manila, 2004
  • “Titus Brandsma, a Marian Life” in: Teresa, Rivista Enciklopedika ta’Spiritwalita, Zammit Malta 2011.
  • Member of the editorial board of Carmel in the World.
  CIBI Modules:
  • Carmelite Marian Mysticism (with Christopher O’Donnell OCarm)

Greg Burke OCD

Greg Burke OCD  Academic Education:
  • 1984: BA, University of Queensland, Australia
  • 2001: MA in Theology, Washington Theological Union, USA
  Recent Publications:
  • “Charism and Conflict: Jerome Gracián and the Order’s Self-Understanding”, Mount Carmel, October- December 2006, pp. 31-38.
  • “Fr Jerome Gracian: A Heroic Follower of St Teresa”, Mount Carmel, October – December 2014.
  CIBI Modules:
  • H05: Carmelite Reform and Renewal in the 16th Century.

Máire Byrne

Máire Byrne  Academic Education: 
  • Doctoral Degree in Theology (PhD), 2003-2007,  St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co Kildare.
  • Master’s Degree in Theology (MTh), 2001-2003, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co Kildare.
  • Baccalaureate in Theology & Arts (BATh), 1998-2001, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co Kildare.
  • Professional Diploma in Education (PDE) 2011-2012, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Co Kildare
  Recent Publications:
  • Forthcoming “God (Titles and Epithets) Christianity” The Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception, De Gruyter, 2014.
  • Forthcoming “Biblical Literacy: The Irish Situation,” Ways of Knowing, T&T Clark, September 2014.
  • “Christian Blogging” Treasures of Irish Christianity 2, Veritas, 2013.
  • “Comparative Theology and the Flood Narrative,” Opening Heaven’s Floodgates, Gorgias Press, 2013.
  • “The Divine Designations in Biblical Texts: Towards a Hermeneutical Model,” Text, Theology, and Trowel: Recent Research into the Hebrew Bible, Scranton, PA: Scranton Univ Press, 2010.
  • “The Influence of Egyptian Throne Names on Isaiah 9:5: A Reassessment in Light of the Divine Designations in the Book of Isaiah,” A Land Like Your Own, Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2010.
  • “Rethinking Irish Catholic Identity,” Studying Faith, Practicing Peace, Irish Peace Centres, 2010.

CIBI Modules:

  • Induction Module.
  • Long Essay Preparation Modules.
  • Dissertation Preparation Module.

Roderick Campbell Guion OCDS

Roderick Campbell Guion OCDS Academic Education:
  • 2016 PhD in Theology for a thesis on Elizabeth of the Trinity (London)
  • 2009 MA in Christian Spirituality. The Development of the Mystical Tradition until c.1500 (London)
  • 2006 Dip HE in Gaelic and Related Studies. History of the Gàidhealtachd and the early Celtic Church (Sabhal Mòr Ostaig/UHI)
  • 1994 MBA (Henley)
  • 1975 B Arch (hons) (Edinburgh)
  • Saints and Spiritualities Explored: Elizabeth of the Trinity. (The Faith Companion February 2017).
  • Spiritualité Victimale and Elizabeth of the Trinity: A Journey of Surrender and Love. (Mount Carmel, October 2016)

CIBI Modules:
  • S12: St Elizabeth of the Trinity: transformation and the mystic tradition.

Paul Connell, Rev Fr.

Paul Connell, Rev Fr. Academic Qualifications:                                                                                                                                               Recent Publications:                                                                                                                                                  CIBI Modules:                                                                                                                                                         H10: Church History: Early and Medieval Period. H11: Church History: Protestant and Modern Period.      

Richard Copsey OCarm

Richard Copsey OCarm Academic Education:
  •  M.A. (Oxon.), S.T.L., Ph.D. is a member of the Institutum Carmelitanum in Rome and was editor of its journal “Carmelus” from 1993-2000. He has written numerous articles on early Carmelite history and spirituality.
  • Now retired, Richard is based at the Carmelite house in London.
  •  Provincial of the British Province of Carmelites from 1990 to 1993.
  Publications:   CIBI Modules:
  • H01: Carmel: Development of the Tradition.

Thomas Curran OCD

Thomas Curran OCD Academic Education:
  • Holds a  license in Church History.
  • Holds a Licence in Spirituality.
  • Lectured at the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy.
  • He has lectured in Spirituality and Church History in Ireland, Australia, Nigeria and Singapore.
  • General Editor of “The Living Flame” series.
  • Occasional contributor to “The Furrow”.
CIBI Modules:
  • DC01: Who are the Carmelites?

Triona Doherty

Triona Doherty Academic Education:
  • 2007  Irish Academy of Public Relations, Certificate in Journalism and Print Production
  • 2001-2003  St Patrick’s College Maynooth,  Master’s Degree in Theology, specialising in Scripture
  • 1998-2001  St Patrick’s College/ National University of Ireland Maynooth.  Baccalaureate in Theology and Arts, Theology, Anthropology, first year English
  Editor for a number of CIBI scripture modules.  


Tina Dykesteen-Nilsen

Tina Dykesteen-Nilsen Academic Education:
  • 2015: PhD in the Old Testament, School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger
  • 2009-2011: Practical-pedagogical education (PPU), University of Stavanger
  • 2004: Licentia in Sacra Scriptura, Pontifical Biblical Commission, Rome
  • 2002: Baccalaureatus in Sacra Scriptura, Pontifical Biblical Commission, Rome
  • 2002: Élève titulaire, École Biblique et Archéologique Française, Jerusalem
  • 2002: Education validated as equivalent to cand.theol. by the Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo
  • 2001: Bachelor of Divinity, The Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Dublin.
  • 1997-1998: One-year study of theology, School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger
  • 1996-1997: One-year study of philosophy, The Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Dublin
  • 1996: Course in pastoral care, part-time, University College Stavanger (now University of Stavanger).
  • 1995-1996: Courses in medical nursing, University College Stavanger (now University of Stavanger).
  • 1994: Examen philosophicum, one semester, University College Stavanger (now University of Stavanger).
  • Modern languages: Norwegian (vernacular), English (near native), Italian (fluent), German (reading), French (reading)
  • Ancient languages: Biblical Hebrew, New Testament Greek, Biblical Aramaic, Syriac, Akkadian (Old Babylonian), Latin
  Recent Publications:
  • Monograph:  Isaiah and Biblical Prophecy. Dublin: The Priory Institute, 2008.
  • “Creation in Collision? Isaiah 40-48 and Zoroastrianism, Babylonian Religion and Genesis 1.” Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 13 (2013):1-20, DOI 10.5508/jhs.2013.v13.a8.
  • “Barnehagen: Kultur for læring om religioner og livssyn?” In Torill Vist and Marit Alvestad (ed.s), Læringskulturer i barnehagen: Flerfaglige forskningsperspektiver, Oslo: Cappelen Damm Akademisk, 2012, pp. 239-260.
  CIBI Modules:
  • T01: An Introduction to the New Testament.
  • T07: An Introduction to the Old Testament.
  • T11: The Synoptic Gospels / Matthew.
  • T12: Paul’s Letters.
  • T13: The Rebirth of God’s People: The Acts of the Apostles.
  • T14: The Prophets.
  • T15: The Pentateuch.

Joseph Egan MSC

Joseph Egan MSC  Academic Education:
  • STD (Doctorate in Theology, Gregorian University, Rome) 1989.
  • BD (St Patrick’s College, Maynooth) 1979;
  • BSc (National University of Ireland) 1976;
Recent Publications:
  • Brave Heart of Jesus: Mel Gibson’s Postmodern Way of the Cross. Dublin: Columba Press, 2004
  • The Godless Delusion: Dawkins and the Limits of Human Sight. Oxford and Bern: Peter Lang, 2009.
  • From Misery to Hope: Encountering God in the Abyss of Suffering. Oxford and Bern: Peter Lang, 2010.
  CIBI Modules:
  • T03: Faith and Revelation.
  • T16: The Mystery of the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Veronica Errington TOC

Veronica Errington TOC Academic Education:
  • Authors of the modules for the Initial Formation Programme of the Carmelite Third Order (Secular).
  • Third Order National Secretary, for the British Province of the Carmelites.
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC28: St Teresa of the Andes.

Liam Finnerty OCD

Liam Finnerty OCD Academic Education:
  • 1994: Post Grad in Social Work from Glasgow University.
  • 1981; BD in Miltown Institute, Dublin.
CIBI Modules:
  • DC12: Formation in Carmel (with Heather Ward, Mary of St John OCD and Joseph Mothersill O.Carm.

Mary Forrest, Carmelite Explorers

Mary Forrest, Carmelite Explorers Academic Education:
  • 2016   M.A. Carmelite Studies,  York St John University, UK  
  • 2011  Diploma in Carmelite Spirituality,  Milltown Institute, Dublin
  • 1994  Ph.D.  National University of Ireland 
  • 1985 M.Sc.  Trinity College  University of Dublin    
  • 1979 B.Agr.Sc.  University College Dublin
  • 1975 Senior Certificate in Amenity Horticulture,  National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin   

Sheila Grimwood

Sheila Grimwood  Academic Education:
  • 2016 Heythrop College, University of London, M.Phil.
  • 2008 University of London, Heythrop College, M.A. with merit in Christian Spirituality
  • 1972 University of Oxford, Lady Spencer-Churchill College of Education, PGCE
  • 1971 University of London, King’s College, B.A. in History 1972
  CIBI Modules:
  • S10: St Thérèse of the Child Jesus as Revealed in her Letters (with Josephine O’Connell OCD).
  • S11: St Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church (with Josephine O’Connell OCD).
  • DC34: Some Themes from the Writings of St Teresa of Avila.
  • DC38: Women of Carmel: (with Myra O’Regan, Thérèse Mathieson OCD, Thérèse-Marie OCD and Jennifer Moorcroft).

Micheal Hender OCarm, R I P.

Micheal Hender OCarm, R I P. Academic Education:
  • Michael’s early education was at the Carmelite’s Terenure College, Dublin.
  • On completion of his secondary education he joined the Carmelite Order at their house in Kinsale.
  • Following ordination he was appointed to Terenure College as a teacher and later to the Carmelite school at Moath.
  • In 1970 he was assigned to the Carmelite mission in Zimbabwe, where he served for 42 years.
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC33: The History of Carmel in Zimbabwe.

Bernard Hoose

Bernard Hoose  Academic Education:
  • 1975-1985: Gregorian University in Rome, Italy.
  • Obtained degrees in Philosophy and Theology, a licentiate in Moral Theology and a doctorate in Moral Theology.
  Recent Publications:
  • Mysterious God. Blackrock: Columba Press, 2014.
  • Authority in the Roman Catholic Church. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2002.
  • With Philomena Cullen and Gerard Mannion, Catholic Social Justice: Theological and Practical Explorations. London: Continuum, 2007.
  • With Julie Clague and Gerard Mannion, Moral Theology for the Twenty-first Century. London: T&T Clark, 2008.
  CIBI Modules:
  • T05: An Introduction to Moral Theology.

Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones Academic Education:
  • 2012: Doctorate in Sacred Theology (Spirituality), Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), Rome
  • 2007: Licentiate in Sacred Theology (Spirituality), Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas, Rome
  • 2006: Master of Theology, University of Notre Dame, Australia
  • 2005: Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology, Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas, Rome
  • 1998: Bachelor of Arts (English Literature and Theology), University of Notre Dame, Australia
  • Ruth Burrows – Essential Writings. Modern Spiritual Masters Series. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books (forthcoming).
  • The Gospel Mysticism of Ruth Burrows: Going to God with Empty Hands. Foreword by Fr Ronald Rolheiser. Washington, D.C.: ICS Publications (forthcoming).
  • ‘Insights into the Mystery of the Trinity from Ruth Burrows.’ The Way (forthcoming).
  • ‘Imbuing All With Love.’ Carmelite Digest 23:4 (Winter 2008): 22-34.
  • ‘Eavesdropping On A Heavenly Dialogue.’ Carmelite Digest 23:2 (Summer 2008): 33-49.

Thomas Jordan OP

Thomas Jordan OP Academic Education: 
  • Best known as the editor of the bi-monthly Dominican Publications periodal, Spirituality.
  • Former Provincial of the Dominicans Community in Ireland.
  • He is well-known as a retreat giver and preacher.
CIBI Modules:
  • DC05: What is Spirituality?

Monica Lawless OCD

Monica Lawless OCD Academic Education:
  • 2017:Certificate in Spirituality ( Contemplative Life).
  • 2013: Diploma in Carmelite Studies, CIBI accredited by Milltown Institute, Dublin.
  • 1981: NCEA Diploma in Development Studies. NCEA Development Studies Centre, Kimmage Manor, Dublin.
  • 1983: Enter Carmel.
  • 1996: Registered Midwife, National Maternity Hospital – School of Nursing, Dublin.
  • 1975: Registered General Nurse, Jervis Street School of Nursing, Dublin.
CIBI Modules:
  • DC38: Women in Carmel.

Syliva Lucas TOC

Syliva Lucas TOC Academic Education:
  • Sylvia Lucas is a Third Order Carmelite who had dedicated her life to the education of those with special needs.
  • She had been involved with the Nurturing School Project in Hackney, London, and in Zambia, Africa.
  • and she has published two books on this subject as well as a number of studies in Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties: A Peer Revieweed Journal. Having gained a Diploma in Pastoral Theology in 1991, her long experience in the field of education had led to her involvement in various national committees and, up until 2008, she taught a postgraduate course at the Institute of Education at the University of London.
  • Her long experience in the field of education had led to her involvement in various national committees and, up until 2008, she taught a postgraduate course at the Institute of Education at the University of London.
  • She has published two books on this subject as well as a number of studies in Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties: A Peer Revieweed Journal. Having gained a Diploma in Pastoral Theology in 1991.
  • her long experience in the field of education had led to her involvement in various national committees and, up until 2008, she taught a postgraduate course at the Institute of Education at the University of London.
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC13: Carmel and Inter-faith Dialogue.

Camilo Maccise OCD RIP

Camilo Maccise OCD RIP Academic Education:
  • 1991-2003: he was General Superior of the Discalced Carmelite Order and six years President of the Union of General Superiors in Rome,
  • He taught courses in Biblical spirituality and scripture in Mexico, Latin America, and Europe.
  • 1979-1985: He was Provincial of the Mexican Carmelite Province.
  • 1971: He received his Licentiate in Sacred Scripture in Rome at the Pontifical Biblical Institute.
  • 1988: His doctorate in Biblical Theology at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá.
  • He has published several books of spirituality and religious life.
  • He was sent to the Teresean for Theological Studies and after his ordination to the priesthood there on April 29, 1962, he went on to obtain his Licentiate in Theology
  • He professed as a Discalced Carmelite in Mexico on October 29, 1955.
  • En el invierno eclesial: Luces y sombras de una experiencia.
  • Escucha Israel!
  • 100 preguntas sobre la Biblia
  • Cento temi di vita consacrata. Storia e teologia, spiritualità e diritto
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC23: The OCD Charism in the 20th Century (translated by Oonagh Twomey).

Francois Manga OCarm

Francois Manga OCarm Academic Education:
  • Currently Master Student in Spirituality at the Radboud University, Nijmegen. The Netherlands)
  • Editing Research on Jan Pascha’s French text – 2016 (Biblioteque Nationale de France. Paris)
  • Spiritual Accompaniment Training – 2015 ( Institut Karol Wojtila. Paris. France)
  • Diploma in Carmelite Studies – 2014 (CIBI / Milltown Institute, Dublin. Ireland)
  • Theology Bachelor – 2009 (Yaounde Catholic Institute)
  • Philosophy Bachelor – 2005 ( Mukasa Philosophy Institute, Yaounde)
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC37: Spirituality and Social Justice-Isidore Bokanja.

Therese of the Cross OCD

Therese  of the Cross OCD Academic Education:
  • 2015; Diploma in Carmelite Studies. The Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland. Accredited by the Milltown Institute.
  • 1980: Entered Carmel, Benoni, South Africa.
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC38: Women of Carmel, Teresa, Thérèse, Edith and Elizabeth (with Sheila Grimwood, Thérèse Mathieson OCD, Thérése-Marie OCD and Myra O’Regan).

Frank McAleese OCarm

Frank McAleese OCarm Academic Education:
  •  2015-16: Studying in Madrid: Spanish language.
  • 1995-96:   University of Dublin : Trinity College : The Irish School of Ecumenics: M.Phil. in Ecumenics.
  • 1990-95; Milltown Institute Philosophy and Theology Dublin: B.D. in Theology.
  • 1990-92: Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Dublin: Baccelaurate in Philosophy
  • 1985-88: B.A.(English and History) The Open University.
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC17: Bl John Soreth.

James McCaffrey OCD, RIP.

James McCaffrey OCD, RIP. Academic Education:
  • Doctorate in Sacred Scripture from the Biblical Institute, Rome.
  • Diploma in Sacred Scripture from the École Biblique de Jérusalem.
  Recent Publications:
  • The Carmelite Charism: Exploring the Biblical Roots (Dublin: Veritas, 2004)
  • Captive Flames: A Biblical Reading of the Carmelite Saints (Dublin: Veritas, 2005).
  • Prayer – The Heart of the Gospels (Dublin: Columba Press, 2008).
  • Infinite Horizons: Scripture through Carmelite Eyes (Oxford: Teresian Press, 2013).
  CIBI Modules:
  • H04: The Carmelite Charism: Exploring Biblical Roots.

Wilfrid McGreal OCarm

Wilfrid McGreal OCarm Academic Education:
  • A former Prior Provincial of the English Province of Carmelites, is well-known as an author and broadcaster on radio and television.
  • His At the Fountain of Elijah: The Carmelite Tradition, published in 1999, is one of his best-known books.
  • 2016: A Stumbling Pilgrim Guided by Indirections, a biography of Father Malachy Lynch (1899-1972), the remarkable Carmelite friar from Ireland who re-established the Order’s presence at Aylesford Priory in Kent.

CIBI Modules:

  • DC06: The Carmelite School of Spirituality, an OCarm Perspective

Julienne McLean

Julienne McLean Academic Education:
  • Julienne McLean practices as a psychologist, psychotherapist and Jungian analyst in north London, as well as being a spiritual director. She has been in private practice for more than twenty years and was on the clinical team at the St Marylebone Healing and Counselling Centre in central London for fifteen years.
  • She has had a lifelong involvement in the Christian contemplative tradition, with a particular interest in the relationship between modern depth psychology and contemplative prayer. She teaches at St Mary’s University College, Strawberry Hill, London and Sarum College, Salisbury, where she is a Visiting Scholar in Christian Spirituality.
  • For many years, she has been teaching, running workshops, study groups and retreats in England, Scotland and Spain, on psychology and Carmelite Spirituality, particularly in relation to the lives and writings of the Carmelite saints, St Teresa of Avila and St John of the Cross.
  •  She facilitates a contemplative spirituality programme in north London (, which includes regular day retreats in London, and an annual 7- day prayer retreat on Holy Island, Scotland.  
  • She is the author of ‘Towards Mystical Union’ (St Pauls, 2003, 2013, 2017), which is a modern spiritual and psychological commentary on St Teresa’s classic text on contemplative prayer ‘The Interior Castle’. She has published many papers over the years, the most recent being ‘The Flowering of Contemplation: the Journey to the Centre of the Soul’ (Mount Carmel, Volume 59/1, Jan-March 2011), ‘Jung and the Christian Way’ (Vinayasadhana, Vol. 11, No. 1, January 2011) and ‘The Third Spiritual Alphabet, Guide of St Teresa: A Learning Hidden Deep in the Heart (Mount Carmel, Volume 62/4, Oct-Dec, 2014)

CIBI Modules:

  • DC14: Psychology and Carmelite Spirituality (with Peter Tyler).

Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell  Academic Education:
  • Dr. Elizabeth A. Mitchell completed her undergraduate studies in English Literature at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, in the United States of America, in 1997.
  • Her Licentiate degree in Institutional Social Communications from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome, in 2000.
  • She completed her Doctoral degree in Institutional Social Communications,  the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome,
  • Her dissertation, Artist and Image: Artistic Creativity and Personal Formation in the Thought of Edith Stein, was published in 2003.
  Recent Publications:
  • Artist and Image: Artistic Creativity and Personal Formation in the Thought of Edith Stein. Dissertationes: Series de communicatione sociali, 3. Rome: Edusc, 2003.
  • “Catholic Education: On the Front Lines of Communicating the Faith. Professional Challenges and Eternal Rewards”, paper delivered at the Fifth Professional Seminar for Church Communications Offices, held in Rome, April 27-29, 2006.
  CIBI Modules:
  • S07: Edith Stein.

Jennifer Moorcroft TOC

Jennifer Moorcroft TOC Academic Education:
  • Jennifer Moorcroft is a catechist for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.
  • A Third Order Carmelite and a member of hser local Carmelite Spirituality Group.
  Recent Publications:
  • Author of God Is All Joy: Life of St. Teresa of the Andes (2009).
  • A biography of St Teresa of Jesus of the Andes O.C.D., The Hidden Light: A Life of St Dominic (2013,
  • A Catholic Response to the Jehovah’s Witnesses (2014),
  • He Is My Heaven: The Life of Elizabeth of the Trinity (2015),
  • A biography of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity O.C.D. and Elizabeth of the Trinity – The Great Carmelite Saint (2017).
  • She has also written articles on St Francis of Assisi and St Teresa of Avila
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC28: St Teresa of the Andes.
  • DC38: Women of Carmel, Teresa, Thérèse, Edith Stein and Elizabeth of the Trinity, (with Sheila Grimwood, Myra O’Regan, Thérèse Mathieson OCD and Thérèse-Marie OCD).

Joseph Mothersill OCarm

Joseph Mothersill OCarm Academic Education;
  • Studied Theology at the Milltown Institute, Dublin.
  • Studied Philosophy at the Milltown Institute, Dublin.
  • Studied Carmelite studies at the Washington Theological Institute.
  • Provincial Delegate to Lay Carmel in Ireland.
  • Contributed articles to Sword magazine.
CIBI Modules:
  • DC02: The Rule of St Albert.

Patrick Mullins OCarm

Patrick Mullins OCarm  Academic Education:
  • Date: 1977; Award (level): Bachelor of Engineering; Subject: Civil Engineering; Awarding Body: University College Galway;
  • Date: 1983; Award: Bacc. Phil.; Subject: Philosophy; Awarding Body: The Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Dublin.
  • Date: 1990: Award (level): Doctorate; Subject: Systematic Theology: Awarding Body: The Gregorian University, Rome.
  • Date: 2009: Award (level): Doctor of Philosophy (PhD); Subject: Spirituality: Awarding Body: The National University of Ireland.
   Recent Publications:
  • What We Believe: Understanding the Faith that We Share with the Saints. Dublin: Veritas, 2010.
  • My Soul Shall Be Healed. The New Translation of the Missal. Dublin: Veritas, 2012.
  • St Albert of Jerusalem and the Roots of Carmelite Spirituality. Institutum Carmelitanum textus et studia historica carmelitana, 34. Rome: Edizioni Carmelitane, 2012.
  • “The Sources in the Earlier Latin Tradition of the References to Salvation in the Carmelite Rule” in The Mystery of Christ in the Fathers of the Church: Essays in Honour of D. Vincent Twomey SVD, edited by Janet E. Rutherford and David Woods (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2012) pp. 179-191.
  • “Nourishment for the Human Spirit,” Milltown Studies 69 (2012) 1-35.
  CIBI Modules:
  • MTh05: Reading St Edit Stein.
  • MTh08: The Carmelite Claim to an Elijan Succession.
  • T02: The Sacramental Basis of Christian Living.
  • T04: The People of God.
  • T09: Christhology.
  • T10: Understanding the Charism of Consecrated Life.
  • H03: The Origins of the Carmelite Family.
  • H06: The Historical Founders of the Carmelites.
  • H07: The History of Female Contemplative Life and Recent Developments.
  • S05: Titus Brandsma.
  • S09: St Albert of Jerusalem.
  • DC25: Titus Brandsma.
  • DC35: Female Contemplative Life and Recent Developments.
  • DC40: St Albert of Jersusalem.
  • Dc42: Who Founded the Carmelites?
  • The Charism of Consecrated Life.

Marian Murphy Garnett

Marian  Murphy Garnett Academic Education:
  • 2011:  Edge Hill University, AMBDA Qualification.
  • 2011:  Middlesex University, National Award for SEN Coordinators .
  • 2009: Liverpool International Language Academy, Cambridge CELTA.
  • 2005-7: Maryvale Institute Birmingham, MA Pastoral and Educational Studies (Distinct).
  • 1996:  Mill Hill Institute,  Certificate in Counselling.
  • 1986:  Middlesex Polytechnic, L.R.A.M. Speech and Drama (Teacher) (Distinct).
  • 1984-6: Middlesex Polytechnic, Diploma in Drama and Oral Skills (Merit).
  • 1983-5 : Arundel & Brighton Youth Service , Advanced Youth Leader’s Training Certificate.
  • 1980-1:  St Mary’s Strawberry Hill, Twickenham , P.G.C.E. (Distinction).  Catholic Teachers’ Certificate.
  • 1979-80: Istituto Sacro Cuore, Turin, Italy,  Certificate in Catechetics, Mariology, Psychology,  Theology (Italian accreditation).
  • 2017 second edition with ICS publications.
    • ELIZABETH OF THE TRINITY: Baptism and the Trinity CD
  • 2011: Elizabeth of the Trinity: The Vast Triangled Heart
  • 2009: Always Believe in Love, elected Writings of Elizabeth of the Trinity. New City Press first edition. Compiled and introduced by Marian Murphy.
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC10: Living in God’s Presence.
  • DC24: St Elizabeth of the Trinity.

Philip Nelson OCDS

Philip Nelson OCDS Academic Education:
  • MA in Christian Spirituality, Heythrop College, University of London. Dissertation St Teresa of Avila.
CIBI Modules:
  • DC07: The Carmelite School of Spirituality: Teresian Perspective (with Heather Ward).

Simon Nolan O.Carm.

Simon Nolan O.Carm. Academic Education:
  • Doctorate in Philosophy (DPhil), Pontifical Gregorian University
  • Diploma of Associate (ARIAM), Royal Irish Academy of Music
  • Master of Divinity (MDiv), Milltown Institute
  • Bachelor of Divinity (BD), Milltown Institute
  • Licentiate in Philosophy (LPhil), Milltown Institute
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) in Philosophy and English, University College Dublin
  • Lecturer in Philosophy, Milltown Institute (2006-2008)
  • Lecturer in Philosophy, Maynooth University (NUI) (2008 to present)
  • Member Irish Philosophical Society
  • Member American Catholic Philosophical Association
  • Member Societé internationale pour l’étude de la philosophie médiévale (SIEPM)
  • 2017: A Companion to Richard FitzRalph. Fourteenth-Century Scholar, Bishop, and Polemicist
    Simon F. Nolan and Michael W. Dunne (Ed.). (2017) A Companion to Richard FitzRalph. Fourteenth-Century
  • 2017: ‘Augustine in Richard FitzRalph (forthcoming)’
    Simon Nolan (2017) ‘Augustine in Richard FitzRalph (forthcoming)’. Studia Patristica,
  • 2015: The Soul and its Operations in the Quaestiones quodlibetales of Gerard of Bologna (d. 1317).
    Simon Nolan (2015) The Soul and its Operations in the Quaestiones quodlibetales of Gerard of Bologna (d. 1317). Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome: Thesis.
  • 2013: ‘John Baconthorpe on Soul, Body and Extension’
    Simon Nolan (2013) ‘John Baconthorpe on Soul, Body and Extension’. MAYNOOTH PHILOSOPHICAL PAPERS, 7 .
  • 2010: ”The Philosopher Investigates: An Introduction to Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations”
    Simon Nolan (2010) ”The Philosopher Investigates: An Introduction to Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations”. Yearbook of the Irish Philosophical Society, 2010.
  • 2008: ‘Teaching and Learning in the Summa theologiae of Gerard of Bologna’
    Simon Nolan (2008) ‘Teaching and Learning in the Summa theologiae of Gerard of Bologna’. MAYNOOTH PHILOSOPHICAL PAPERS, 5 :35-41.
  • 1997: ”Moses Maimonides and the Eternity of the World Debate”
    Simon Nolan (1997) ”Moses Maimonides and the Eternity of the World Debate”. MILLTOWN STUDIES, 40.
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC30: The Carmelite Family in the 14th Century.

Josephine of the Sacred Heart OCD

Josephine of the Sacred Heart OCD  Academic Education:
  • 2014:  Diploma in Carmelite Studies. Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland
  • 1958-1963: Notre Dame Secondary Commercial School, Liverpool (closed 1965).
  • 1952-1958: St. Patrick’s Primary School, Toxteth, Liverpool.
 Recent Publications:
  • St. Teresa of Avila: her Life and Teaching (Dysart Carmel Booklet) 24 pages, 2014.
  • Saints of Carmel (Dysart Carmel Booklet) 28 pages, 2011.
  • Mary in My Life: Reflections based on the Encyclical Letter “Redemptoris Mater” of Pope John Paul II (Liverpool Carmel Booklet) 24 pages, 1987.
  CIBI Moduals:
  • S10: St Thérèse of the Child Jesus as Revealed in her letters (with Sheila Grimwood).
  • S11: St Teresa of Avila, Doctor of Prayer (with Sheila Grimwood).

Christopher O’Donnell OCarm

Christopher O’Donnell OCarm  Academic Education:
  • 1983: Doctorate Systematic Theology, Gregorian University, Rome.
  • 1983: Doctorate Systematic Theology, Gregorian University, Rome.
  • 1963: BD Theology, Milltown Institute, Dublin.
  • 1959: MA English, University College, Dublin.
  • 1958: BA English, University College, Dublin.
  Recent Publications:
  • Ecclesia: A Theological Encyclopedia of the Church (Collegeville: The Liturgical Press – Glazier, 1996). Pp. xxii + 520. 28×22 cm. ISBN 0-8146-5832-6. Spanish tr. 2001.
  • Love in the Heart of the Church: The Mission of Thérèse of Lisieux]. Dublin: Veritas, 1997. Pp. 256. 21 x 14 cm. ISBN 1- 85390-39- 4.  Italian tr. 2001.
  • With J. Groden, six volumes of Assemblies and resources for schools : McCrimmons, from 2001.
  • Prayer: Insights from St Thérèse of Lisieux (Dublin: Veritas, 2001).
  • Worship, Prayer and Ritual. Into the Classroom: Religious Education in the Leaving Certificate. Dublin: Veritas, 2004.  Pp. 218,  21x14cm. ISBN 1-85390-776-6.
  CIBI Modules:
  • MTh06: Carmelite Marian Mystics (with Sanny Bruijns).
  • H03: Figures of Inspiration: Mary and Elijah.
  • S01: St Teresa of Avila.
  • DC04: Mary in the Carmelite Tradition.

Mary of St John OCD

Mary of St John OCD CIBI Module:
  • DC12: Formation in Carmel.

Mary of St Joseph OCD

Mary of St Joseph OCD Academic Education:
  • 2017 present: Novice Mistress.
  • President of the Association of British Carmels.
  • 1985-1994, 1997-2003,2009-2015: Prioress of Monastery.
  • 1962:Entered Carmel.
  • Completed Secondary School.
  • Upon this Mountain: Prayer in the Carmelite Tradition. Oxford, Teresian Press 2009
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC09: Prayer in the Carmelite Tradition (with Mary St Philip OCD).

Mary of St Philip OCD

Mary of St Philip OCD Academic Education:  
  • B.A  Honours degree in English at  Cambridge   1962
  • Elizabeth Thompson, Carmelite (biography of the  first Prioress  at Notting Hill Carmel, 1878).  Published by Shield Crest 2013
  CIBI Modules:
  • DC09: Prayer in the Carmelite Tradition (with Mary St Joseph  OCD).

Therese-Marie of the Holy Face OCD

Therese-Marie of the Holy Face OCD Academic Education:
  • 2013: Diploma in Carmelite Studies, Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland, accredited by the Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology.
  • 1974: Cambridge Certificate in Religious Knowledge (University of Cambridge)(6 papers:  The Religion of Israel to 587 BC; Jewish Religion and Literature from 587 BC to   the Death of Herod the Great;  The Four Gospels; The Apostolic Church; Doctrines of the Christian Faith and their Biblical Foundation; Modern Church History.)
  • 1971-74: Lincoln Theological College. Attended lectures on Old Testament; New Testament; Doctrine; Liturgy and Worship; Pastoral Studies; Church History; Documents of Vatican II; Occasional Lectures on a wide range of subjects.
Recent Publications:
  • St. Thérèse of Lisieux (Hampton Carmel Booklet) 32 Pages, 2009.
  • St. Teresa of the Andes (Hampton Carmel Booklet) 32 Pages,2010.
  • St John of the Cross CIBI Initial level module, DC 36, 2014.
  CIBI Modules:
  • S08: Sts Louis and Zélie Martin.
  • DC36: St John of the Cross.

Mary of the Incarnation OCD

Mary of the Incarnation OCD CIBI Modules:
  • St Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church.

Vincent O’Hara OCD

Vincent O’Hara OCD Academic Education:                                                                                                                                          
  • Theology: Teresianum, Rome and
  • Theology: Milltown  institute, Dublin.
  • Philosophy: Boars Hill, Oxford
Recent Publications:
  • Several articles in Mount Carmel Magazine.
CIBI Modules:
  • St Thérèse of Lisieux, Doctor of the Church.

Anthony O’Leary CP

Anthony O’Leary CP  Academic Education:
  • 1971 BA  Hebrew, Hellenistic Greek & Aramaic  NUI
  • 1975 STL (Biblical Theology specialisation)  Milltown Institute
  • 1978 LSS  Pontifical Biblical Institute
  • 1994 Dip Psych  NUI
  • 1982 Spiritual Direction Qualification;  SJ Manresa House
  Recent Publications:
  • Regular contributor of  homiletic material to Scripture in Church.
  • Reviewer for the booklist of the Journal for New Testament Studies
  • Articles (Trial Narrative, Pontius Pilate, Disciples, Wine) in  Luis Deiz Merino,
  • Robin Ryan, Adolfo Lippi,  Diccionario della Pasion,  Madrid, Ediciones San Pablo, 2015
  CIBI Modules:
  • T06: Biblical Theology of the Practice of Faith.

Míceál O’Neill OCarm

Míceál O’Neill OCarm  Academic Education:
  • 1989: PhD in Spiritual Theology, Gregorian University, Rome. (thesis title, God hears the Cry of the Poor. was published as a university publication).
  • 1979: HDip in Education,  Dublin University.
  CIBI Modules:
  • S03: Mary Magdalene de’Pazzi.
  • DC03: Elijah in the Carmelite Tradition.
  • DC39: Carmelite Commitment to Justice and Peace.

Monica O’Neill RIP

Monica O’Neill RIP Education Education: 
  • 1996: PhD, thesis “The Teresian Carmelite Secular Order in Ireland: It’s History and Spirituality”,
  • A member of the Secular Order (Discalced).
  • Died March 16th 2010.
  • “Teresian Carmelite Laity: A Study in Spirituality and History”, Martello Press.
CIBI Module:
  • DC32: The Third/Secular Orders from 1950.

Robert Opala

Robert Opala Academic Education:  
  • 1994-1998: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD); Historical Theology;  The Christian Academy of Theology in Warsaw, Poland.Dissertation: Parishes of the Deanery of Lelow (the Diocese of Krakow) During the Time of the Reformation in the 16th Century.
  • 2006-2008; Licentiate in Sacred Theology (S.T.L) – First Class Honours; Spiritual Theology; Pontifical Athenaeum at the Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology in Dublin, Ireland. Dissertation: Spirituality of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Concept of Christianity without Religion.
  • 2004-2006;  Master of Arts in Spirituality – First Class Honours; The National University of Ireland – Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology in Dublin, Ireland. Dissertation: From the Ministry of War to the Ministry of Love and Compassion – Spirituality of Saint Raphael Kalinowski, OCD.
  • 1987-1988;  Master of Theology in the Church History – First Class Honours,  The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. Dissertation: The History of the Parish in Zloty Potok from the 10th Century to the 18th Century.
  • 2009;  Diploma in Chaplaincy;  Clinical Pastoral Education at St. Vincent University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. (3 units of pastoral and spiritual care and chaplaincy training).
  • 1983-1987;  B.Th.: The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland.
  Academic Work:
  • Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland, Dublin; 2008 – 2015. Position and responsibilities: Member of the Academic and Executive Boards and Tutor.
  • Christian Academy of Theology in Warsaw, Poland; 1999 – 2000
  Position and responsibilities:
  • Academic Teacher and Lecturer of Protestant Theology;
  • Author of academic articles on Theology and Church History.
  • The Qualification Board for Teachers of the Ministry of Education in Poland
  • 1999 – 2000  Chairman of the Qualification Board for Teachers in the Province of Radom.
  Recent Publications:
  • The Psychological Portrait of the Reformer: Martin Luther  in “The Way – A Review of Christian Spirituality Published by the British Jesuits”, October 2017.
  • A Reform to Heal the Wounds of Reformation: Teresa of Avila and Church Unity in “Mount Carmel – A Review of the Carmelite Spiritual Life”, January – March 2016.

CIBI Modules:

  • DC19: St Raphael Kalinowski.
  • DC29: Edith Stein: Spirituality of the Cross and the Holocaust Experience.

Myra O’Regan Carmelite Explorers

Myra O’Regan Carmelite Explorers Academic Education: 
  • Trinity College Dublin, Associate Professor, Statistics.
Recent publications:
  • McGarvey, CM, O’Regan, M, Cryan, J, Treacy, A, Hamilton, K, Devaney, D, Matthews, T, Sudden unexplained death in childhood (1-4 years) in Ireland: an epidemiological profile and comparison with SIDS, ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD, 97, (8), 2012, p692-697Journal Article, 2012
  • Quinn, A, O’Regan, M, Horgan, F, Psychometric evaluation of the functional walking test for children with cerebral palsy, DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION, 33, (25-26), 2011, p2397-2403Journal Article, 2011
  • Horgan, NF, O’Regan, M, Cunningham, CJ, Finn, AM, Recovery after stroke: a 1-year profile, DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION, 31, (10), 2009, p831-839Journal Article, 2009
CIBI Modules:
  • DC38: Women in Carmel, Theresa, Threrese, Edith Stein and Elizabeth of the Trinity. (With Sheila Grimwood, Therese Mathieson OCD, Therese-Marie OCD and Jennifer Moorcroft)

Terence O’Reilly

Terence O’Reilly  Academic Education:
  • 1969: BA Honours in Spanish and French, University of Nottingham.
  • 1972: PhD, University of Nottingham.
  Recent Publications:
  • Jorge de Montemayor, Omelías sobre Miserere mei Deus, edited with an introduction and notes by Terence O’Reilly (Durham: University of Durham, 2000).
  • Adrien Gambart’s Emblem Book. The Life of St Francis de Sales in Symbols, by Elisabeth Stopp, edited by Terence O’Reilly (Philadelphia: St Joseph’s University Press, 2006).
  • Golden-Age Essays in Commemoration of A.A. Parker, edited by Terence O’Reilly and Jeremy Robbins, Bulletin of Spanish Studies 85.6 (September 2008).
  • The Bible in the Literary Imagination of the Spanish Golden Age. Images and Texts from Columbus to Velázquez (Philadelphia: St Joseph’s University Press, 2010).
  • Essays on Góngora’s Polifemo and Soledades, edited by Terence O’Reilly and Jeremy Robbins, Bulletin of Spanish Studies 90.1 (January 2013).
  CIBI Modules:
  • MTh07: Reading St Teresa of Avila.

Mary Pia OCD

Mary Pia OCD Academic Education:
  • BA (1st class hons) in English Literature & Language, Liverpool University,
  Recent Publications:
  •  ‘Singing the psalms daily’ for Church Music Quarterly,2014.  and Review of ‘Jerome Gratian, St Teresa of Avila’s Friend’ by Carlos Ros,
  CIBI Module:
  • DC26: The Carmelite Nuns and Sisters, Past and Present.

John Quigley OCDS

John Quigley OCDS

    Academic Education:

  • 2016  M.A. (Merit) Carmelite Studies York St. John University, UK.  Dissertation: “Elizabeth of the Trinity’s treatment of Divine Indwelling and Transformation in John of the Cross, as presented by Max Huot de Longchamp and Jean Rémy”
  • 2011  Diploma in Carmelite Spirituality,  Milltown Institute, Dublin
  • 1984  M.A. (Jure Oficii) Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin)
  • 1981 Ph.D. National University of Ireland (U.C.D.) – Theoretical Solid State Physics & Chemistry
  • 1977 Awarded Hugh Ryan Memorial Medal (U.C.D.)
  • 1976 B. Sc. National University of Ireland (U.C.D.) – Chemistry & Mathematics
  Positions Held:
  • Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin (1981 – present)
  • Lecturer in Quantum Chemistry, University College Dublin (1979 – 1980)
  • Professional Qualification: Member of the Institute of Chemistry in Ireland

Denis Robinson CSSp

Denis Robinson CSSp  Academic Eduction:
  • PhD: Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (1996);
  • MA: Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (1986);
  • B.D.: Maynooth Pontifical University (1979)
  Recent Publications:
  • A chapter in With Wisdom Seeking God, ed. Una Agnew, Leuven: Peeters Press, 2008.
  CIBI Modules:
  • MTh01: The History of Christian Spirituality.
  • MTh04: Contemporary Spiritualities.

Joseph Schmidt FSC

Joseph Schmidt FSC  Academic Education:
  • MEd Duquesne University, Pitts, PA, USA
  • MA LaSalle University, Phila, PA, USA
  • MA Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, USA
  • MA Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana, USA
  Recent Publications:
  • (with Richard Rohr), Praying With Therese of Lisieux (Companions for the Journey). Word Among Us Press, 2000.
  • Everything is Grace: The Life and Way of Therese of Lisieux. Word Among Us Press, 2007.
  • (with Benedict J. Groeschel), Praying Our Experiences: An Invitation to Open Our Lives to God. Word Among Us Press, 2008.
  • Walking the Little Way of Therese of Lisieux: Discovering the Path of Love. Word Among Us Press, 2012.
  CIBI Modules:
  • S04: St. Therese of Lisieux.

Thomas Stone OCD

Thomas Stone OCD Academic Education:
  •  Holds  a licence in Scripture,
  • Lectured at the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy.
  • Former Dean of Theology at the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy.
CIBI Modules:
  • DC08: Scripture in the Carmelite Tradition.

Oonagh Twomey OCDS

Oonagh Twomey OCDS Academic education:
  • Having studied French and Spanish in UCD, Oonagh Twomey worked with the Legion of Mary in Wales and Ireland before becoming a Legion of Mary Envow in Spanish-speaking South America (Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Equador).
  • She has been a member of the OCDS Community at Avila, in Dublin, for many years and, using her skills in Spanish translation.
  • She has translated some of the material that is now available as part of the CIBI programmes.
  CIBI Modules:
  • Translated module DC23: The OCD Charism in the 20th  Century.

Peter Tyler

Peter Tyler Academic Education:
  • PhD in Mystical Theology (Durham)
  • MA in Integrative Psychotherapy (Middlesex)
  • MTh in Philosophical Theology (London)
  • MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Oxon)
  • Professor, Reader and Senior Lecturer in Pastoral Theology and Spirituality at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London 2006 – present;
  Recent Publications.
  • Tyler, P.M. and E. Howells (ed), Teresa of Avila: Mystical Theology and Spirituality in the Carmelite Tradition. London: Routledge, 2016
  • Tyler, P.M., The Pursuit of the Soul: Psychoanalysis, Soul-making and the Christian Tradition. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 2016
  • Tyler, P.M., Picturing the Soul: Revisioning Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction. Bangalore: Dharmaram, 2014
  • Tyler, P.M., Teresa of Avila: Doctor of the Soul. London: Bloomsbury, 2013

Miguel Norbert Ubarri OCD

Miguel Norbert Ubarri OCD  Academic Education:
  • 2005-2014: Doctor en Filosofía y Letras: Literatura Española del Siglo de Oro, Universidad de Sevilla. 1999. Título homologado con todos los derechos por el Ministerio de Educación Superior de España, el Estado Libre Asociado y Universidad de Puerto Rico, y el Ministerio de Educación Superior de Bélgica.
  • 2008-2009: Maestría en Artes: Literatura Comparada, Universidad de Puerto Rico. 1992.
  • 2010-2013: Bachillerato en Artes. Filología Española e Inglesa, College of the Holy Cross.
  Recent Publications:
  • Jan van Ruusbroec y Juan de la Cruz: la mística en diálogo, Editorial de Espiritualidad, Madrid 2007.
  • Francisco de Yepes. Tejedor de buratos, místico, juglar del Señor, terciario carmelita, Rome: Edizioni Carmelitane, 2010.
  • Onze-Lieve-Vrouw der Eenzaamheid van Antwerpen, Norbert Ubarri Miguel, Michielsen Tim, Beke Arnaud, Janssen Koenraad (eds.), Antwerpen: Voor Kruis en Beeld vzw, 2010.
  • “Cervantes y Flandes”, Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, Universidad de Puerto Rico, vol. 36, n. 1-2 (2009), págs. 301-319. (Published in 2013.)
  CIBI Modules: MTh03: St John of the Cross.  

Heather Ward OCDS

Heather Ward OCDS  Academic Education:
  • B.A. (Hons) First Class (English Studies) at the University of Nottingham, including the Cooper Prize (Exhibition) for the best results in Part One examinations.
  • Ph.D. (Victorian Literature and theology) at the University of Nottingham, 1982
  • M.Ed. in Religious Education & Catechesis, with Distinction, at the Maryvale Institute, Birmingham, 1998
  Recent Publications:
  • “Happy are those who are called to his Supper”, introducing boys to the nuptial dimension of Holy Communion, The Sower, December, 2000.
  • “Metaphor in theology: a response to Prof Leukel-Schmidt” – in The Scandalous Prophet – The Way of Mission after Newbigin, ed. Foust, Hunsberger, Kirk & Ustorf, Eerdmans, 2001. (Papers from the Newbigin Colloquium, Birmingham, 1999)
  • “Earth’s crammed with Heaven: the sacramental imagination of George MacDonald”, Chesterton Review, April 2001.
  • Christian Tradition in English Literature: Poetry, Plays & Short Prose, ed Paul Cavill, Heather Ward et al, Zondervan, 2007.
  CIBI Modules:
  • SO2: St. John of the Cross, Carmelite, mystic and poet.
  • SO6: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity. (with Marian Murphy)
  • S13: The Impact of God-a reading-guide to St. John of the Cross.
  • DC07: The Carmelite School of Spirituality, Teresian prospective, (with Philip Nelson)
  • DC11: Madam Acarie (Blessed Mary of the Incarnation).
  • DC12: Formation in Carmel, (with Sr Mary St. John, Liam Finnerty,  Joseph Mothersill)
  • DC20:Jacques de Jésus-Au Revoire les elfant.
  • DC31: Carmel in Britain and Ireland, the beginning.
  • DC32: The Third/Secular Orders from 1900 (with Monica O’Neill, Johan Bergstrom-Allen.