I have enjoyed studying at CIBI and am recommending it to everyone. The studies nourished not only my intellect but also my spirit, for which I am very grateful. Please carry on your good work that brings glory to Our Lord by sharing the charism of Carmel.

UK Student. December 2021


I am thankful and ever so grateful to the Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland for providing an invaluable online educational opportunity for those who would like to study Carmelite spirituality in-depth. I thoroughly enjoyed every class I took. For me, it was not just an academic activity; it was also a time of spiritual formation. The hours I spent on each class became a special time of prayer. The insights provided by the modules, the reading materials, and instructors made the Carmelite mystics and saints so much “alive” that these saints became real companions in my spiritual journey, including the most difficult year of the pandemic. 

 Noel (Philippines) November 2021

The CIBI course I undertook over a number of years was extremely well organised, intellectually stimulating, and an invaluable aid in my own spiritual formation. Administrative staff were always swiftly to hand when queries arose (and they regularly did) – Frank and his team were always patient and kind. Assignments were paced appropriately, and feedback provided was extremely helpful and encouraging. A most rewarding and enjoyable experience that I will reflect upon with gratitude and contentment.

Anon, Ireland, July 2021

Not being naturally academically inclined it was with some trepidation that I commenced my studies for the Diploma in Spirituality (Carmelite Studies). But the support I received from the admin team and the corrector’s was great. Even when I had to take a break due to health issues, everybody was so flexible and enthusiastic, it enabled me to finish my last module for the diploma. Without doubt, the spirit and ethos of the Carmelite Orders is alive and manifest in the programme materials and in CIBI’s academic and administrative teams.

Kim Langridge UK. July 2020. 

This CIBI course is one of the best courses which I have ever experienced. It gives lots of information and knowledge. It has had a great impact in my life and will be a great help to me as a Carmelite. The presentation of each module is excellent.  The authors presented the material in a clear and concise way. The material is very interesting and there is lots of information in each unit. Which encouraged me to want to know more and to deepen my understanding.

I am also very grateful for the excellent help provided by the assignment correctors.  I greatly appreciate that my attention was drawn to areas where I needed to improve and I had the opportunity to go back over the material and to deepen my knowledge and understanding.

The Student Support team at CIBI were always very helpful and available to answer my questions and to advise me.

To all my grateful thanks.

Sr Emy. Ireland. May 2019