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Note: Language Requirement for M.Th. (Carmelite Studies)

Students whose first language is not English are required to submit independent documentary evidence confirming their competence for higher studies through the medium of English. A grade equal to, or equivalent to, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) intermediate level grade overall, along with an intermediate level grade in each of the sub-sections (reading, listening, writing, speaking), is required. Should an individual be admitted to the MTh programme whose English is later deemed insufficient for completing the various assessments involved by those examining their work, that individual may be asked to defer their MTh studies with CIBI to do further studies on the English language in order to bring their competence up to the standard required.

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I am aware that I will be expected to access some secondary reading resources using public libraries, Carmelite Houses and other resources available to me.

I accept that particular modules may not be available at any given time and that CIBI reserve the right to withdraw or substitute modules without notice.

I accept that all modules available to me are held in copyright by the author and CIBI and that any reproduction or distribution of them is a breach of copyright.