Discovering Carmel Certificate

  • Level 5 short course designed for students seeking a foundation in Carmelite Studies
  • Delivered fully online and available to study on a part-time or full-time basis
  • A modular course enabling students to choose from an extensive range of modules
  • A course that can also be tailored to suit the interests of groups or communities
  • Accredited by the Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland, with certificate awarded on completion of eight modules


Course Overview

The Discovering Carmel Certificate is a level 5 short course offering a foundation in various aspects of Carmelite Studies and is a wonderful introduction to the Carmelite spirituality, heritage and culture.
This short course is ideal for those who are looking for a short ‘taster’ course in Carmelite Studies or who wish to study the Carmelite tradition for the first time.

Course Delivery

The course is delivered in the form of a phased release of reading material, which encourages a reflective approach to study and learning. The content is accessed online, and support is available through the administration team in CIBI.

Students usually register for one module at a time and it generally takes six weeks to complete a module. There are four entry points to the course, two in semester one and two in semester two.

  • Semester 1: September – December
  • Semester 2: January – April


To complete the Discovering Carmel Certificate students

  • Choose and study eight modules, and
  • Complete and submit a ten-question assessment at the end of each module

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Course Modules

The certificate will be awarded on completion of eight modules (selected by the student – there are no mandatory modules). 

Each module comprises 5 units of content to be read and reflected upon. The content of one unit is equivalent to approximately that delivered in a 45 minute lecture.

Modules are divided into four categories, listed below.

1. The History of Carmel

DC01: Who are the Carmelites? DC31: Carmel in Britain & Ireland, the Beginnings
DC02: The Rule of St Albert DC33: The History of Carmel in Zimbabwe
DC23: The OCD Charism in the 20th Century DC35: Female Contemplative Life and Recent Developments
DC26: The Carmelite nuns and sisters, past and present DC42: Who Founded the Carmelites?
DC30: The Carmelite Family in the 14th Century DC45: The Role of Carmelites in Times of Epidemics


2. The Spirituality of Carmel

DC03: Elijah in the Carmelite Tradition DC10: Living in God’s presence
DC04: Mary in the Carmelite Tradition DC34: Some Themes from the Writing of St Teresa of Avila
DC05: What is Spirituality? DC38: Women in Carmel (Teresa, Thérèse, Elizabeth and Edith)
DC06: The Carmelite School of Spirituality:  O.Carm perspective  DC41: Liturgy in the Carmelite Tradition
DC07: The Carmelite School of Spirituality: Teresian perspective DC46: Jessica Powers From Farm-child, to Poet, to Carmel
DC08: Scripture in the Carmelite Tradition DC09: Prayer in the Carmelite Tradition
DC47: The Spirituality of St Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, as revealed through her poetry


3. Carmelites Across the Centuries

DC11: Madame Acarie (Blessed Mary of the Incarnation) DC25: St Titus Brandsma
DC15: St Teresa of Avila Doctor of the Church DC27: St Thérèse of Lisieux, Doctor of the Church
DC17: Blessed John Soreth DC28: St Teresa of the Andes
DC18: John of St Samson DC29: St Edith Stein – Spirituality of the cross and the Holocaust Experience
DC19: St Raphael Kalinowski DC36: St John of the Cross
DC20: Jacques de Jésus, Au Revoir les enfants DC37: Spirituality& Social Justice – Bl Isidore Bakanja
DC21: Blessed Lawrence of the Resurrection DC40: St Albert of Jerusalem
DC24: St Elizabeth of the Trinity DC44: Blessed Hilary Januszewski O.Carm.


4. Contemporary Perspectives on Carmel

DC12: Formation in Carmel DC23: The OCD Charism in the 20th Century
DC13: Carmel and Interfaith Dialogue DC32: The Third/Secular Order from 1900
DC14: Psychology and Carmelite Spirituality DC39: The Carmelite Commitment to Justice and Peace
DC22: The OCarm Charism from 1950 DC43: The Charism of Consecrated Life



The Discovering Carmel Certificate is accredited by the Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland and on completion of eight modules, to the satisfaction of the Director of Studies, CIBI will award a certificate in acknowledgment of the studies completed.

Fee details

  • Initial one-off registration fee €25 (non refundable)
  • €35 per module